Wardrobe Metabolism = Destruction

This week I did not have an epiphany.  The article we read this week made me truly challenge what we are learning and the practicality of changing to “full” sustainability.  I feel that the article’s view of “wardrobe metabolism” would severely damage, if not completely kill the fashion industry.  The idea of using and altering what you have would cause designers who may already be struggling to be without work and those that are successful will ultimately have less success and thus may have to turn to another career choice to maintain their livelihood.


As we discussed in class, new jobs could be created to alter products or fix current products; but this ultimately is not going to create the magnitude of jobs created right now by the fashion industry’s ever changing product.  The amount of times you need a product fixed or altered versus the ever-occurring purchases made by today’s consumer is not in balance by any means.  This concept is relevant because it could completely alter our industry, I could end up without a job due to this concept.  Maybe that seems dramatic, but I feel that the magnitude of this idea should be explored and recognized.


On the other hand, I really enjoyed the L.O.L.A. show.  I feel that the articles were interesting and it is always good to have a change of pace in the classroom.  The article I found the most interesting was the article about emotional intelligence.  It was interesting to hear a different way of viewing intelligence and how it is useful to our field.  It is useful to be able to emotionally engage with clients in order to more empathically meet their needs.  This is a concept that I had not previously been recognizing and I am glad that it was brought to our attention.


After this weeks learning, I would like to learn more about emotional intelligence and how it can be adapted to our field of work.  I feel that this would be useful and it is not something I have learned about in other courses thus far.

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