Exploring Culture–Design Solutions

This week I did not have an epiphany, but I did find the design probes project very interesting.  Although it was not the most “enjoyable” to participate in, I found that a lot could be learned through design probes about consumers and how to better meet their needs.


The design probes article we read went more in depth with the different types of design probe packages that can be used.  I think that if the world were to turn to empathic design through design probes, it would have to be done more on a “sector” basis versus an individual basis.  It is too difficult to design a product that specifically fits the needs of one person.  It would be much too expensive to design products with only one person in mind.  However, I feel that the probes article was a great example of how to empathically design through design probes packages, but do it in sectors versus an individual design.


This article was useful because I found that design probes could easily be incorporated into a business.  If you recorded exactly what people did, you could get a better grasp on something that people need.  It is so important to know what people need, because needs spark purchases.   Empathic design can increase purchases with the right product positioning.  If you open up your own small business, send out a design probes package, and design according to your prospective target market, there is a much higher chance of success and satisfied consumers.


It was relevant to me because I have thought about opening up my own business and a great way to start would be through a design probes package of my prospective or goal clientele.  Target market is so vital in the fashion industry and design probes are a way to focus on your target market and get an idea of exactly what they want by observing their daily lives.


After reading the article about design probes packages, I realized the importance of exploring the culture and lifestyle of your target market.  I would really like to learn more about ways to use design probes packages in a financially sound way.

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