A day in the life….

The reading “I love this dress” was an interesting reading for me, and I think many other students as well, because I felt that it was particularly relevant and similar to many of us. The reading discussed the connection that we can have to certain objects or items of clothing, etc, and the reasons for these emotional attachments. It got my wheels turning about what objects I possess that hold a special place in my heart. Having the task of photographing our oldest possession was an interesting activity. I enjoyed hearing about other students items and what made that item so special to them. It was a great way to demonstrate how each and every person is different in terms of what creates emotional attachments to things.

The design probes package was a really fun activity. This assignment caused me to focus much more on my daily activities, style, food choices, and more. I found it eye opening to slow down and analyze my choices throughout the day and to step outside of my normal mindless daily routine and to be more observant of myself. I found the activity that we did on Thursday to be very useful and relevant in regards to empathic design. It was a neat hands on way to have a small taste of what another student’s life is like based on a her probe. During the activity we used the information we were given through her documentation in order to create a product to emotionally satisfy the student. I think that this activity was useful because it showed us all how helpful certain types of documentation can be in a probe. For example, my epiphany for the week was that a diary form of documentation is the most helpful type of probe because the person is able to communicate in more detail her feelings and emotions during the day than she can through pictures. It was a helpful activity to show what types of probes are better than others.

I would like to learn about specific products on the market that have been created as a result of design probes. I would like to see a successful product outcome of design probe research.

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