Just how attached are we?

A sweatshirt… I know it doesn’t sound like much but to me it is reminders of hard work, tears, sweat, late nights, bus trips, friends and one of my favorite experiences. We all own pieces like this, articles of clothing or other items that are precious to us because of the memories that they remind us of. Must people will probably never let go of these items, we may not us them every day or even once a year but we will still hold on to them. This is the mind thought that we should take when designing products for clients; the desire to create something that they will want to hold on to forever or at least for years. Longevity- it is sustainability at its simplest and it’s the perfect way to get consumers involved.

                This week’s readings and the design probes brought to the fore front how important designing to meet the client’s emotional perspective on a product. The first article discussed emotional determinants that determine a client’s attachment to an article, these determinants include items such as emotional values, functionality and achievement. As designers we should pay attention to these determinants, we should design products that have longevity, high quality and a slower fashion turn around along with meeting the emotional needs of the client.

                So the real question is how do we implement this? How do we change the market of products to extend the timeline of fashion seasons? Most products sold currently are low quality, so how do we get business to create higher quality products even though it might cost more during production?  This design perspective could be the starting block for successful sustainability for consumers and business. 

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