A step in the right direction, but still not whole.

Unfortunately, I did not have any major learning epiphanies this week. Although I see the importance and think that the Max Neef matrix does work, it didn’t have any new impact that wasn’t there before. Also, after seeing how productive and how tailored a product can be due to design probes, the concept wasn’t as strong to me.

However, I do understand that the Max Neef matrix is a much more effective way to produce items. Using design probes is time consuming and not very cost effective. It is easier to use the process for a small group of production, but when creating items for large amounts of customers the Matrix prevails. It was important to read about it because I felt it was good to receive a different perspective of empathetic design.

Knowing what I know and learning more about the Max Neef matrix, I want to know more about what is the concept for human research behind major mass-produced items.  The concept of not designing so closely to the client is becoming lost on me that I want to know how mass-produced items are conceived.

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