I don’t want to make you new, pretty things.

If you’ve ever spent more than 5 minutes having “real talk” about my major with me, you’ve probably left the conversation thinking, “Geeez, why is that girl even studying this major?” and for that, I apologize for the negativity


I don’t apologize for worrying about the future of “the Industry” or the earth as a whole because I’m affected by both completely and daily. That’s why I was excited to read that were finally going to move on to talking about things like need fulfillment! Max Neef’s 9 (plus 3 extra for good measure, because why not?) fundamental needs matrix was just a complicated way to say that you don’t really need most of everything you buy. Which is why I struggle with my major in the first place. CONSUMPTION. When I tell people what I’m studying, it’s almost the same response everytime; so you want to own your own store?? ….no. The world already has a million stores for me and everyone else to choose from. Choices within choices within more choices, and to be honest, we don’t need that many choices. We don’t need a lot of things. We’ve just collectively, as a society, decided that more is always better. It disgusts me quite a bit, and working part time in retail, I get to be disgusted every day of my life 🙂

SO my epiphany this week is not necessarily something I learned just from our readings or discussions but is more like a an epiphany with what I want to do with myself in my future career – I want to make things better. Vague, but I’m getting somewhere. I don’t want to make you new, pretty things, I want to improve upon systems, methods, products or stores that have already been started or already exist. I want to design with a purpose. A bigger purpose than just what is cool right now.  

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1 Response to I don’t want to make you new, pretty things.

  1. Dr. Cosette Armstrong says:

    A solid reflection! I think this consumption piece is a real misconception about our field. There is more to this than the big hair and heels. And, it sounds like you will play a role in portraying to others a more accurate view of the importance of the field!

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