I Want My Consumer to be Needy

We as fashion and interior students know that we need to know our consumers and their needs, but I don’t think we really have been presented with the correct tools to do so.  We have now learned about two different ways to get to know our consumers better.  We had the design probes from last week and then the Max Neef’s taxonomy of human needs.  I personally really liked this method.  It makes you look at the consumer as a whole.  It had me thinking more about my consumer, and in return had me creating more ideas for designs and merchandising.

Another aspect I really liked was that it was easy to set up and conduct, versus the time commitment needed for the design probes.  This time aspect is really nice for my field, fashion, because it does move much more quickly than many other industries.  In the fashion field, we may need to come up with an idea quickly for a new trend, but we still want to keep the consumer in mind and give them something worth while and something they need, and I think the Max Neef’s taxonomy of human needs would work perfectly for that.

This week taught me to look at the needs of my consumer and plan accordingly.  It seems like such a simple concept, but it really does take some thinking and brainstorming.  It’s an aspect that design can not be without.

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1 Response to I Want My Consumer to be Needy

  1. Dr. Cosette Armstrong says:

    I am really happy to see that you are contrasting what you have learned about your field with sustainable design theory. For to be successful in the future, you must understand both paradigms.

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