Knowledge is … power?

Though my learning epiphany was slow in coming to me this week, I learned through our readings this week that design activism in my design field is less about “saving the rainforests” and much more involved in social and institutional sustainability issues within our culture. Because most people have the tendency to resist “change” in their environment – I know I did up until now – when they hear about being sustainable and mainstream recycling, but it’s not as big of a change as they make it out to be when you really think about it. Achieving an overall sustainability level nation-wide is daunting, but there are brilliant young minds around the world who are quite inventive in nature and are creating reworked products that now serve a new purpose. This is only one of the many new areas I explored in the name of sustainability and it has opened my eyes even further to a world of social sustainability. How else can we learn of ways to further our knowledge about this issue at hand?

If designers can create things that are actually needed through being more mindful of our consumers, we will greatly reduce our waste and our resurfacing issues at hand can dissipate. Between these “fast fashions” and “supplying for the now” mannerisms – which are scary – what is really being done to our social culture? Let’s stop thinking about the now and focus on designing for the future to come … before there isn’t much left.

Knowing what I now know, I would like to learn more about what I can be doing right NOW to help. Because it’s all the little things that add up to make a difference … a difference for those who are wanting and willing to be more sustainably involved. The website was another starting point for me on my exploration in the name of sustainability, but what other ways can we measure our individual footprint on this earth?

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