“OHHH wait…!!!!!! We forgot to mention.. “

So we’ve switched topics, mmmm I don’t feel like we have.  I feel like this is all the same thing. The only difference is that the readings are getting more difficult.. I rather feel like I am getting my masters.  Any who, the need to design a product based on the needs of a consumer is what I got from the activity based around the readings.  What my interpretation of the assignment is that if we can address the NEEDs of the consumer without losing the DESIGN than we have achieved sustainability.  This concept gives the consumer the reason to stop buying products ‘spur’ of the moment.  Buying products based on the questions, why do I need this and how will it benefit me in my life.  Which is rather the opposite of the market.  EX: Old Navy, JCrew, or American Eagle; when checking out they have all these little items sitting there that a consumer will see while waiting on line.  As you stand there waiting in line you begin to talk yourself into ‘needing’ that product, or that there is a 3 for 1 deal.. Do you really need three scarfs, all in the same color, or the same key chain.. In a variety of colors.. Unless you have a type a personality that it needs to have a separate key chain to go along with all three of your cars.. This is wasteful of our American dollars.

As an Interior Design student I find that I am able to embrace what is known as, Design Activism.  If am designing a space layout, or if I am resolving a space plan for a building; I am able to make the change for that particular scenario.  I make the change.  I choose what the standard will be.  If this standard is viewed as sustainable in my co-workers eyes, we can enforce that standard.  Therefor changing what the consumer will start to expect within this market.  This will force society to bond together and embrace what we see fit.  As the article talked about, there are five capitals that are the backbones to Design Activism – Natural, Social, financial, human, and manufactured. The ability to understand and create using these 5 capitals will harness the power to switch the world into a sustainable culture.  Now as to decide which is the most important, I believe is up to the individual.  Myself being a bit of a hippy, health nut, I find that I focus on the Natural and human capital.  What I value life and nature.  If I am able to harness what I need and pull it from the earth I will. This saves me money for which I save.  Because I invest in the earth I create relationships with other humans to swap different products and ideas.  It is an ever-revolving circle.  BUT since we are what is driving the enconomy, I thing that human capital is more of the center/core of what drives this cycyle.  So to satisfy other humans we must meet there needs by producing what they themselves find is their center/core of their life.  It’s about the consumer. We harness that and the financial capital will boom.  If we enforce (EX: LEED) a product than that will become the standard (Kind of like lead paint).

We as the main façade of this house need to design what home(person) needs, but also what needs that will last and turn the world into a self producing economy.. That is what I believe our job is.

I really wish this class had a pre-rec. I wish Oklahoma State would allow this to be introduced in the second year, so that we could learn how to incorporate it within out designs. Rather than tacked on at the end.. “OHHH wait…!!!!!! We forgot to mention.. We’d like you to change the world and keep it from turning into mars…” that’s how I feel like this issue has been addressed. RUSHED.



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1 Response to “OHHH wait…!!!!!! We forgot to mention.. “

  1. Dr. Cosette Armstrong says:

    This is an exceptional reflection! Very reflective with many insights. Though you may feel challenged by the readings, you obviously understand the material and are thinking very deeply about it. I’m sure you can understand why this class would be inaccessible to sophomores as it is about the evaluation of theory, but I am surprised and concerned that you are not learning about strategies used by your field sooner. I would like to know more about that at some point.

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