One Dress. One Year.

While continuing down the empathetic path towards design we took a small stop to reflect about needs of a consumer. Reading about needs this past week make me think about my personal consumption and slowly as the week went on I became more disgusted with my wardrobe. It brought up so many questions for me. Are empathic designers actually designing for the consumer? Can sustainability be achieved if we design solely for needs? Do we actually need new things? Or do we just fall to retailer’s marketing ploys? It really concerns me how much consumption the apparel field contributes, especially my own consumption. After this week I wanted to just come home and donate almost every single piece of clothing beside the absolute necessities. But is that madness? At this point I’m confused on what is right and what is wrong in terms of consumption, sustainability, and needs. I can rationalize what I own by the fact that in today’s world there are so many different things we need different outfits for: job, interviews, class, sleep, lounging around, working out/sports, evening/social events, parties, etc. So technically the average consumption can be vouched for. But then after that I still feel like I consume too much. But I also haven’t bought apparel items in upwards of 6 months. But now I’m just confusing myself and probably you. Essentially my “epiphany” is more of a confused mess.
What I want to try to do now is find out what my essential wardrobe would be. What would be perfect would be to find a common denominator for all women’s wardrobes but that would be almost impossible considering there are so many different jobs and activities that isn’t similar between everyone. I would eventually love to create a wardrobe that I feel is basic enough to be “sustainable” but be large enough to fulfill my needs. What I really loved about the needs article was that one dress was worn every day for an entire year. I would love to do something similar to this but possibly on a small scale. Start out using one garment for one week then going to a month or so. It would be incredibly fun to find different accessories to create a “new look” every day.

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  1. Dr. Cosette Armstrong says:

    I have to admit, this class has a habit of ruining students’ superfluous consumption! But, you are obviously making the course content personal and you will, at some point, achieve clarity, which will help you better envision what the future of the industry could look like. I would have liked to hear a little more about points from the reading that have been pushing you over this edge.

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