One Matrix to Rule Them All?

I’m going to be honest. It was a slow week for me. I didn’t have an epiphany, but I did learn something. The Max Neef Matrix is the one thing that really struck a chord with me this week. I think it is still a little unclear to me, but applying it during class helped. The matrix lists 9 different “fundamental human needs,” and then lists ways to satisfy those needs. There are four different categories that the satisfiers fall under.


I think the Max Neef Matrix could potentially be used to find a design solution in some circumstances, but it seems a little too complicated for most problems. The matrix would be useful if you were doing intense research and needed a place to start, but I think it seems like a lot of trouble to go through, when there are more direct ways to find a design solution. Instead, I think the matrix might be better for categorizing existing solutions.


I’m hoping that this week will make more sense to me. I’m really looking forward to the LOLA Show.

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