Creating Longevity Through PSS

I really enjoyed the L.O.L.A. show this week.  One of the articles that I found most interesting was the article that Zoe had about the kinetic energy tiles.  I really thought the tiles were an interesting way to provide energy.  This would be a sustainable solution that will not affect fast fashion, but help the environment in other ways.

I also really enjoyed the article about Izzy Lane.  Izzy Lane is a company that is not hurting the environment and is utilizing the wool source that was going to waste toward a good quality product.  These are the types of solutions that I find to be the most useful out of the practices that we have studied thus far.  We can maintain fast fashion but we need to find environmentally friendly ways to do it.  We also need to find more sustainable ways to dispose of waste, instead of trying to eliminate waste altogether, because that is unlikely, maybe even impossible.

Product Service Systems are a great way to reduce waste.  A product service system is an offering of three services.  They are product-oriented service, use-oriented services and result-oriented services.  I believe that a great product service system would be a rental company for special events.  I feel that special event clothing items and accessories so often go to waste in our closets.  It could be a designer brand rental company where women could rent dresses for a special event.  This could include proms, socials, and even weddings.  The designer brands could be sold to the rental company if they are not sold in stores and then could be rented to very appreciative women and girls!  I believe this would be a beneficial way to reduce waste and reduce clothing items from just sitting in storage.  This idea is useful because it would be a way to utilize sustainable practices without killing the fashion industry.  It would be reducing waste by creating more longevity for products.

I would love to learn more about the kinetic energy tiles.  I would be interested to see pricing and also see the labor and time involved with putting these tiles into use.

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5 Responses to Creating Longevity Through PSS

  1. luxstyles says:

    I know that Rent-The-Runway is a company that rents dresses for all occasions. I am not sure of their success though, but I know that this idea is out there and not many people know about it.. What do you suggest would be ways to attract new customers? And what could make the customer want to come back to this place and get ANOTHER dress?

    • okstatedhm2013 says:

      After reading this comment, I went and read more about Rent-The-Runway and it is similar to my PSS. I feel that a way to keep customers coming back would be a rewards program. Points systems can a lot of times be incentives for people coming back for more dresses. For every “X” number of points you earn in rentals, you receive a free rental within a certain range of pricing.

      Another way to incentivize customers to return would be through philanthropic efforts. For every purchase you make, a certain percentage of the proceeds goes towards a philanthropic effort that the company supports.

      • luxstyles says:

        good ideas! I hope they invest in some of these. It would benefit them as a company and also their customers

  2. I really liked the kinetic energy tiles as well. I really hope they take hold in large traffic areas. It could be pretty cool to walk into a mall and know that all the energy created is from the patrons walking around!

  3. olivejackson says:

    Rent the Runway is a really neat business, and they actually do very well. They have a very loyal customer base, and they offer easy solutions such as being able to rent two dresses at once in case one dress doesn’t fit quite right. They also put together looks for the dresses, so you can have an easy choice in accessories.

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