PSS? New solutions? What is being done?

This week’s LOLA show was fascinating and full of many interesting new products and ideas. This LOLA show really helped me understand the reasoning for the show, so that we can learn about new products or design ideals that we may not have known about before. I found the kinetic floor tiles and the “blooming” shoes extremely interesting and great new products. The kinetic floor tiles were the product that I found most interesting and I really think that they could make a big difference. If these tiles were installed in certain areas in buildings throughout cities they could possibly generate enough energy to provide for a vast majority of the city.  What if these tiles were placed on stairs or on indoor tracks or what if there could be alternations made so these tiles could be placed in sidewalks? And what if other products that we create could be converted into something as beautiful and healthy for the environment as these blooming shoes? What if landfills could be turned into green space?

                So the real question now is how do we start implementing all these ideas for new products and design ideals? We have spent the last seven weeks discussing all these great ideas that could make a difference but it’s just been talk… Talk has been what has stood in the way from the beginning of starting sustainability. We need to stop talking and start doing… So once again the real question is how to we start up these changes; how do we help ourselves, consumers, the economy and the environment?

                Product Service Systems could possibly be the answer to this. The idea of Product Service Systems (PSS) that was explained in this week’s reading; is for companies to provide a product and a service so that consumers have a lasting connection. PSS is the hope of promoting sustainability in a non-invasive way to consumers’ lifestyles, through extending the life of products in some way.

Proposed PSS:

                A PSS that I think would be a good idea for the interior design world is through the use of a product-service/renting type. The PSS would involve a dealership where clients can purchase bigger ticket items such as couches, bedroom sets, dining sets, rugs, baby furniture, etc… Since bigger items are more expensive, they are an investment that we sometimes can quickly tire of or if a move occurs can no longer function or even in the case of baby furniture can be of no use. The idea of the PSS is that clients can purchase these bigger items and when an event happens that they no longer need the item they can return the item for points (depending on the condition of the product) towards new items, or if the item is in a condition that is no longer usable the item can be turned in to be disposed of properly while also receiving a certain amount of points for being sustainable. Item that are returned and can be re-sold will be cleaned and “patched” if need and then sold to other clients. I hope of this PSS is to allow clients to have a change in fashion or even make a transition in their lifestyle easier when it comes to larger items, while also being sustainable in the re-use of products so resources are not depleted and also the proper recycling and disposal of products.

                In the following weeks I would really like to learn about companies or organizations that are putting these “sustainable” design practices to practice currently and how we as designers and consumers can participate in these actions. Also it would be nice to learn some about what our governments (local, state and federal) are doing for sustainability? What sustainable practices do they take part in? What incentives are there currently for companies and consumers to act sustainably?  

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4 Responses to PSS? New solutions? What is being done?

  1. mysterious3130 says:

    I really like your idea about this sort of renting business. I know what it is like to get tired of what you have and what something new. I have one question though…so when people buy big furniture they either have it delivered or they have a big enough vehicle to transport it. so if i have a sofa i want to give back to this business but i don’t have any way to get it to your business…how would you help me? because if i don’t have a way to get it to you then i might just say forget it….

    • turtleshell says:

      I think the idea would be that part of the service would be delivery and pick-up to make it more convenient for customers, because I agree if the consumer had to deal with moving the furniture it would hurt to program because it would be difficult.

  2. princessaurora10 says:

    Good point mysterious3130. I agree that this concept could have some real value and could really take off as a great business. I know that I am personally the type of person that doesn’t like to get rid of big things like furniture because, number one it’s a hassle, and number two I don’t want to have to pay a bunch to get something new. The idea of receiving a store credit, if you will, is appealing to me because it’s almost as if I’m receiving a discount. And being able to give you my unwanted furniture items and know that they will be properly and sustainably disposed of or passed on to another desiring customer is a plus for me.

  3. no won says:

    I agree with turtleshell that your PSS should emphasize the service of helping the customer deliver and/or pick up their large furniture pieces. I personally would utilize a store/company that offered the services you mentioned, but if I was unable to get my couch or really heavy home office desk to the store, I may change my mind on using the company’s trade-in/rent services altogether. The credit points are a great idea as well…maybe it could almost be like gamestop or gameXchange style and offer the customer a trade-in price as well as a lower but still decent cash price for people that just want to dispose responsibly and are maybe downsizing so they do not need a replacement product.

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