I’m not sure if I would call what I had this week an “epiphany,” but I would definitely say that some gaps were filled in for me. Biomimicry is something I’ve known of for awhile, but I never had a name for it. Our reading, Closing the Loops in Commerce: Running a Business Like a Redwood Forest, was a very long, but very good read. I read it twice (once before class and once after class), because I felt like I couldn’t get everything out of it the first time around. The closed loop system in nature has been working so perfectly for so long, it doesn’t even make sense for humans to not follow the same pattern.  As a whole, the human race is creating waste with no purpose, whereas, in nature, when something is considered “waste,” it can be regenerated into something useful.


One really unexpected bit of information I got out of this week was the importance of shopping locally. I’ve always known this was more sustainable, but I loved the comparison from the reading, where it talked about animals and what they eat. If an animal lives in a certain area, it is going to eat plants, other animals, etc that are in that same area. An animal is not going to have other animals send them food from across the country, or the world. I think perhaps nature was made this way for a reason. When compared to the mountain lion in the reading, it seems pretty ridiculous to have something sent from across the globe, when we have everything we really need in our own local area. So, in a way, I think “shopping locally” has more meaning to me now, from more than just a sustainable standpoint.


This reading was probably my favorite all semester, so far. The idea of biomimicry has been really interesting to me, and I would like to learn about more examples of biomimicry in the future. Specific projects and/or products that mimic nature would be something I’m very curious about.

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