Learning Made Simple

Why is it so hard for humans to realize the impact we are making on the world. We see charts, graphs, and documentaries, among other communication channels, that describe what our actions do, yet we haven’t changed our ways. What I’ve learned is that most humans believe that if something does come about from the global change that they most likely won’t be alive anymore so they don’t necessarily care. Human’s are so selfish for thinking this way, but we’ve been taught to better ourselves before anyone else. I’m truly afraid of what is going to happen when we run out of natural resources, like trees, or water, or even our main food sources. To change our actions we have to change our thinking first of all. It’s not even that we have to change our whole way of living, shifting small actions and thoughts at first will lead to more later on. I feel like a lot of what our generation is doing is trying to clean up what previous generations have done to pollute the world or diminish resources.
This previous weeks reading was very interesting, call me a nerd but I am very interested in biomimicry and industrial ecology. It’s amazing how everything in nature is completely used, there is absolutely no waste. Nature truly closes the loop by using all of what it produces. It doesn’t over produce and it doesn’t use more than it can produce. What would be incredible in our world now is if we learned from nature and started mimicking it. There are already towns in Denmark that produce no waste. What is considered waste to one company is actually a source of energy for another company and can be put to good use. When communication lines are opened up between companies and industries then our world can make strides in reducing global issues. Companies need to take notes from the environment considering it has been around a whole lot longer than humans or industrial practices.
What I need to do now is to look up these buildings and cities and see how they were formed. I’m really interested in how they actually decided to start turning waste into production materials and also how long it took for the processes to be developed and introduced into the city. I’m also really interested in knowing about the buildings that are build similar to trees and are completely self sustaining. It would be interesting to know how expensive those were to create and how much pollution it actually reduces in the environment. Practices like this are already in place in a small part. If only these ideas could be passed on to all new construction projects. This way we can start building more and more buildings that can sustain themselves. We have to learn about the practices before we can start using them. It’s always the introduction of the new ideas that are hardest to receive but when everyone realizes that it’s actually very simple then our actions will start changing for the good.

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