The nature of it is…..

This week I really enjoyed the design slam. At first my group really struggled to come up with an idea and with about ten minutes left we were able to pull together an idea that we felt had great potential and was really relevant to our class in particular. We were alittle bit off on the details of it all in terms of how we were graded, but I think we really made alot of sense to our classmates. We were the group that came up with the idea to have a marketing campaign in the Greek community on  campus that promotes the cut down on energy use in our sorority and fraternity houses. And as a reward, the winner was able to give back to the community, through the network of their philanthropy, with the help of the savings of the other Greek houses as well. In this way, every house was doing their part in helping to conserve energy and by also giving back. It was a relevant and useful topic to many of the students in our class and I think that it could be implemented into dorm life on campus as well with a little more planning and detailing. I found many of the other design slam ideas to be very stimulating. In particular, and I think many of you will agree, “Celebrate Crate” and the nail polish idea were particularly intriguing and caught many of our attentions. For starters, in our field we are all about designing and decorating. Celebrate crate was such a great idea to give customers creative freedom but in a sustainable manner. Brilliant! and the nail polish idea was wonderful because, #1: we are girls : ), #2 we are sentimental, #3 we like our options. Being able to create the perfect shade of nail polish for that special occassion is such a selling point. For my wedding in August I had a very specific color in my mind that I wanted all of my bridesmaids to wear. It took some hunting, but I finally found the perfect color for them all to wear and as a bridesmaids gift, one of the things they received was the nail polish. Although I didn’t use that same color for my wedding day, I did purchase a bottle of it for myself and everytime I wear it now I think about my wedding day and that my bridesmaids will be triggered to remember that day when they wear it. It would’ve been that much better if I could’ve created and named a nail polish for myself and my girls for that special day.

Call it an epiphany if you will, but I thought the Weeds system was a really interesting way to describe humans and nature. I had never thought of our consumption in the way it was described in the Weeds Systems. Weeds consumer and overtake the area they invade and when their is nothing left to take over in that area, they are stuck there. Humans are very similar in our consumption habits of our resources. Although we may not have completely overtaken a specific resource, we are slowly and steadily moving in that direction. We come in and think that we are better than nature and can just use however much of whatever we want without it ever running out. Of course, this is a false statement. Eventually we will run out. If we don’t work towards a closed loop systems and work on turning every bit of waste into a useable resource and in turn eliminate what would’ve been considered waste, then we could very well lose resources completely. We can’t forget that we are not better than nature. Because, in fact, we came from nature. Therefore without it and its resources would cease to exist. So very clearly, this way of thinking is directed towards all of us.

The thing I look most forward to discussing in class is the next design slam. Our first slam was very enjoyable for me and I am interested to see what other great ideas, that are not only unique but could be implemented, our class can come up with!

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