Waste… No Waste. Let’s go back in history.

                This week’s topic and conversations were extremely interesting. The article was very interesting and (I thought) very truthful in the fact that we should learn from nature- creating a closed loop system having no waste. Nature turns “waste” into nutrients or good byproducts for other parts of nature; if we as human beings could create a system that does just this we could dramatically decrease energy waste, material waste and much more- this would dramatically help our environment.

                One of the topics that we covered this past week that I though was the 10 steps- I was particularly impacted by #4- optimize rather than maximize. This step focused on the idea of slow design and living within our means- which I think has been a huge impact of how we go to where we are, as human beings we have been drawn to fast design and owning the newest and best items even if we don’t need them or can’t really afford them. I personally prefer having fewer quality items than a ton of “cheap” fashion items; I like the idea of hand crafted items, long lived items and even older items ( because a lot of times they are better quality and have more personality than the fast fashion items of today.) I personally hope that we can change our economic system to adapt back to the ideals of the items that were created 50-60 years ago- designing to last, classical items that never truly go out of style. I think that through this we could make a huge impact.

                So the question is… how do we begin to get people to value quality over quantity? How do we encourage individuals to purchase less but higher quality items that are not constantly going out of style? How do we slow down fashion? In some ways I think that we are moving towards these ideal- antiques and historic pieces are being highly valued and desired currently and people are cosmetically changing old items to meet current needs. But now we need to change the market and how companies are designing products. 

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