Being Local

I did not have a learning epiphany this week. I thought this week’s topic of being local could be a successful sustainability route, but not entirely feasible in some areas.

The BedZED reading this made some points that I had never realized about buying local. I always thought of local products as more expensive than new manufactured products. The reading detailed how they purchased local materials, either new or reclaimed, for the same or lower price as other products. I could see how this would work if a certain product, such as a specific species of tree, could be found abundantly nearby. But some areas don’t have the resources needed, and reclaiming materials isn’t always practical, so I’m not sure that I can agree with the reading fully.

The movie “Fixing the Future” looked at more of the community aspect of the local topic. I liked how the people featured in the movie took pride in their community and their businesses. They shifted the money flow from large, distant corporations to smaller, local businesses and banks so the community would see the economic benefits.

I think I would like to learn more about how to promote being local more on the community level, and not necessarily just based on materials. And how can you be local without spending a fortune more like the reading said?

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