Going Local: We Have a Lot of Work to Do

On Thursday we discussed “going local” in our discussion and I have been thinking about it a lot.  In my opinion, having a community that is purely “going local” is going to be really really difficult.  In order for it to work I think that our economy is going to have to undergo a drastic change, bringing us out of the recession. Right now people’s’ mindsets are that they need to be saving money, so they are going to buy cheap.  The general public is not thinking about what goes into bringing them their products, they are only concerned with if they can afford it.  People look at local products as unnecessarily expensive, making them a burden.  As Fletcher brought up in our reading, it will be very difficult finding consumers who will create demand for local products and services.

Once our economy improves I do think it will be possible for communities to “go local”.  Once communities start going local I can see our country becoming a better place to live.  Things like fresher and safer food will improve our country’s problem with health and obesity.  There will be less pollution, resulting in better and safer air quality, when overseas products are cut down or cut out completely.  Employment rates will go up when jobs will be created for new companies that will be creating local products.

Going local could have the ability of making communities completely sustainable.  Communities would have a new mind-set and would strive towards making their community better which would include keeping their community upheld and mindful.

So this week brought up the question of how do we start getting our economy to a place where we can start moving towards locally run communities?

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