Home Sweet Local

                This week’s discussion was a reminder of my home town and the way that I was raised. Local is the way I grew up- in a small town that is extremely isolated. Most people would hate this type of life because they are used to having anything and everything accessible at a snap of a finger; but it hasn’t always been like this- in fact most of our grandparents grew up living “local”. Living local fosters community and “sustainable” living without excess; it allows individuals to know where their products come from and the in a lot of ways how products are produced.

                I found the article about BedZED to be very interesting and inspiring. It brought up some great ideas about attempting to build with more local products and using recycled products without sacrificing modern luxuries and aesthetics. I thought that it was extremely interesting that is a lot of instances that the more sustainable product was actually cheaper than the less sustainable product and that for the most part it was fairly easy to source products in a mileage radius with some research. This article really brought to the fore front the question of why aren’t we building more facilities like this? Is it just because of the convenience of other products or are we just so stuck on having the must luxurious and new items that we don’t care about their effects on the environment?

                The other inspiration from this week for me was the video that we watched. I particularly found fascination in the city located in Washington. It makes me wonder why we don’t change more of our cities to follow this model of local. I understand that for large cities like Dallas, Chicago, and New York that it would be extremely difficult to go completely local because of shear size- it would be extremely hard for small towns also because of geographical limitations. But why don’t we make small steps towards more local living; it’s a shame that a vast majority of our products are made outside the US and it is even more depressing that a large majority of our produce is grown outside the US and imported. But how do we change this? How do we encourage large cities to move towards local products? Better yet how do move our entire country towards living more locally? How do we foster this idea of local in our economy and markets, how do transition back to making and growing products locally (putting Made in the USA back on products tags)? 

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