Is local logical?

My grandparents live in a very small town in Ohio and my grandma worked at a small chain store called Ben Franklin in the fabric department. I remember about 6 or 7 years ago my grandma was furious when the town had its first Walmart built because she worried it would take business from her store…and it definitely did, so much so that they had to downsize and get rid of their fabric department. I didn’t understand her anger at the time but she was just upset that the community’s entire feeling of keeping things local and in a way rooting for the little guys was completely turned upside down. At the time, I thought, come on grandma, walmart has everything! But now I would love to have walmart removed from our community, Stillwater, and just see what would transpire because “going local” is not all that easy and sadly, not usually the cheaper decision.

From our reading, Fletcher mentions how in the textile industry, and every industry i suppose, money is the determinant. If textiles can be produced cheaper in a different country, that is the route people are going to choose. And if we were to change all the sudden to completely local ways of producing our own textiles, we would be taking away jobs that, regardless of ethics or sustainability, are giving people the money they need to survive in places we may never see. Also, the issue of very little resources in certain areas could be a deal breaker as well. Even though I think using Oklahoma’s good ol’ red dirt as some sort of fabric dye would be a cool experiment. But maybe “going local” could begin small with individual countries making local mean, made in your country, not necessarily your region. I know that sounds like it could lead to a very isolated world with countries defending only for themselves but it wouldn’t have to be for everything! If it was only a focus in textile production – restricting people to only resources in their country – maybe that is a small but big enough change to start a more positive forward thinking world than what we live in currently. Like the host (i’m terrible with names) from the video Fixing the Future said, new thinking will lead to new procedures which will then, finally, lead to a global change.

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