Local Lovin’

I didn’t really have an epiphany this week, but I definitely feel like I learned a lot. I especially enjoyed the BedZED reading, the LOLA show, and the video we watched in class.

The reading really opened my eyes to exactly how poorly new construction is impacting the planet. Some of the things they were able to do (recycled steel, sustainable timber, staying local), are things I wasn’t very familiar with until reading the article. I was especially surprised to find out that the sustainable building wasn’t significantly more expensive than a regular construction project. What I gathered from reading the article is that staying local can make the biggest impact, because it cuts back on unhealthy emissions.


I really liked this week’s LOLA show, because I really enjoyed the different examples of biomimicry. My favorite thing about the LOLA show is that the class gets to learn about new and existing sustainable products on the market. Seeing the technology and development of these projects is so inspiring and interesting.


A really major idea I took away from the in-class video was the time-based currency. After class, I did some more research on the system, and I think it’s fascinating. I think it’s also a really great system to be integrated into our current currency system, so that those who can’t afford things with physical money can work for “time dollars.” I wish there were a way for us to incorporate some kind of time-base system on campus, where we could be rewarded with “time dollars” for going to class, or doing good deeds, volunteering, working, etc. I realized it would probably be a difficult thing for the university to do, but I still think it would be neat, even if it were only on a small scale.


I would like to learn more specifics about staying local. Maybe we could do research on “local” businesses in Stillwater, or our hometowns. I plan on doing so either way. It’s been a great week!

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