Local Loyal?

This week was all about staying loyal to your local markets. I’m all for shopping locally and keeping money within my community, but not necessarily with apparel. Staying completely local within the entire production and selling process would be very difficult. There is such a limited amount of resources in each region that not one region would be able to successfully sustain themselves with every single type of product. Especially in Oklahoma, we don’t have much options to create products. I think there is a way to stay true to the local market but also be able to gain the resources necessary. Designers and producers can team up to create products that reflect the local market or culture and figure out a way to produce them ethically where the market still wants to purchase. Even if materials were purchased from another local market and brought to ours to give jobs to people in our community. Just as in the reading the designer Nimish Shah collaborated with an organization to give local people jobs as well as stay true to their market with her designs.
There has to be a way to be able to create a local market that would be sustainable. If we were to go back to that type of economic system. Even in the old times, almost not one community was completely self sufficient. There was always trading and bartering which led to finding better ways to get a certain product that they may have not had before. It’s our way of life to find the easiest way to get a product that most of the time that means going elsewhere besides the local market. Our society is so tuned into the global economy that it would be difficult to turn away from it now. America depends on animals for fibers from other countries, then we depend on off-shore sourcing to create our products for cheap. And as consumers we don’t want to spend more money for something that was made “locally” when we can get the same thing for more than half the price.
And that’s another issue, for me at least. How do we know that the “local” products we buy are actually produced locally. Everyone’s definition of local is different. It could mean all parts of the product are local but it wasn’t produced locally or it could mean that it was produced locally but the parts are not. That’s one thing that a community would have to define if they wanted to be completely local. How local is local?

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