Local = Practical ?

This week I did not have an epiphany, although I did find some value in one of the topics we discussed this week.  The topic I found with merit was from a chapter Kate Fletcher’s reading of Fashion and Sustainability: Design for Change.

The article considered the value in manufacturing and providing goods to consumers that are “local” products.  This includes food, clothing, and an assortment of other products.  While I see the value in keeping economy within a community, I also see the challenges within this concept.  It is a great idea to produce as much as possible within a community, but there are also many boundaries.  Such products as food can only be produced in a certain area where the climate is appropriate.  Although consuming food products within your area is a great concept, it is also not very likely due to today’s societal views and need for variety.

This transfers into the fashion industry as well.  In smaller communities, it would be impossible to satisfy the need for fashion entirely.  Although you could purchase clothing from local stores, resources are just not available to manufacture fashion in every community.  This concept obviously relates closely with the fashion industry.  In recent years, there has been a lot more push to shop local and I think that is great! However, I do think that shopping and producing locally can only go so far with the state of our current societal views and practices.

The L.O.L.A. show this week definitely gave me a better grasp on the idea of biomimicry.  Before the L.O.L.A. show, I did not really understand what it was and how it applied to sustainability.  The article about the Mercedes mimicking the boxfish gave me the most clarity on the usefulness of biomimicry.  Biomimicry is using nature’s concepts and creating products that mimic the sustainable properties of that natural animal or process.  This is incredibly relevant to our industry because it could help create more sustainable practices by mimicking nature’s processes.

I would love to learn more about how to apply biomimcry to the fashion industry in particular.  We talked about biomimicry within a lot of other fields, but I would love to know more about exactly how we could apply it to the fashion industry.

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