Saving Two Kinds of Green

This week I had an epiphany! What about, you ask? I had an epiphany about how inexpensive it is to design in a sustainable manner.

Everyone always assumes that designing sustainably is a giant hassle and more expensive than it’s worth. By reading the BedZed article, I realized that it can be done so easily and that the positives outweigh the negatives by a longshot. For example, when they set the material radius to 35 miles. As a designer, I would have never thought of using materials ONLY sourced from 35 miles away. Also, this provides a whole new concept of designs being local and unique to certain areas. If we embodied the principles of the BedZed project all over the world, we could create some truly interesting and fresh designs that accurately reflect the location they are in. 

It was really good to learn about this as a designer. It was extremely relevant and really opened my eyes about how easy it is to locate materials locally in other places. In Oklahoma we are lucky because we have an abundance of resources in many parts of the state, but I would like to learn how this would work in other parts of the country and the rest of the world, not just in England.

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