Small town born and raised!

This week we learned about local economies and biomimicry, but of the two the local economy concept really interests me. Coming from a small town keeping things local is a big factor in how well a business does. It is a challenge to keep things local and certain things you just can’t do local but every little bit that you can helps. With my parents owning a business in a small community, we depend not only on our local community but the surrounding communities as well. Surprisingly they have done really well in their business to, with how small our town is.

This topic really interests me because growing up, I’ve watched how hard my parents worked to make ends me and it makes me proud of not only them but all the local businesses and the hard work they do to help keep communities tied together, instead of just a bunch of large corporate businesses. Its these small community businesses that give towns and city’s character, destinations, and uniqueness.

I guess you could say I had a small epiphany this week, but being local and trying to keep money within your community is something I have realized long ago. I guess I just never really thought about it on a larger scale of keeping things within the state communities. This weeks readings about the BEDzed project, really put some perspective about how much waste we produce and how much of that waste we can recycle. I guess I just always thought when they tear down building and things they tear it to such pieces there was no recycling that could be done, but reading this article really made me think differently!

Being around local driven markets for a while now, this topic really caught my attention but learning more about it would definitely be something I would enjoy. The more you know about a subject the more you can help but that thought or subject into motion. This whole staying local for everything sounds hard and not obtainable but I think the more people know about it, it could be done!

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