the local catch

Hey guys.

I think we need to work on our weekends being more sustainable, ammirite? It went by way too quickly. Anyways, no epiphany from me last week. However, I did really enjoy watching the film on Thursday about living locally. I think the most important thing that I learned was actually something Dr. Armstrong said about corporations and where their tax dollars and revenue goes. Obviously corporations like Wal-Mart pay some taxes to Stillwater and probably the state of Oklahoma but the majority of their taxes and revenue goes back to their humungous corporation. I was aware of this concept but had never heard it in such realistic terms. It made me sad to think that so much of the money spent buying groceries doesn’t do much for the community of Stillwater. I loved seeing examples of sustainable communities in the film, it was so cool to see how the people fully embraced the concepts of eating, buying, making, and contributing locally. It bothers me that I don’t know where so much of my food comes from and so to think that in some communities, people are so independent of outsourcing.

I also really enjoyed reading about the BedZed project! It is encouraging to see that there are people out there putting great ideas and efforts into action to promote sustainability within people’s lives. I particularly liked that the article was interiors focused and that is gave some really great ideas to cut back on costs and energy usage when building housing. I never would have thought about energy usage in recycling materials. I think one of the biggest takeaways from it was how important it is to do your homework. And by that, I’m talking about researching materials, where they come from, how they were made, how much it costs, how sustainable it actually is, and if it’s actually going to be worth it to use an alternative.

I think everything that I’ve learned from this last week’s reading, discussion and film have all been relevant and useful. Even though I may not move to a sustainable farming community or start a revolution of only buying things locally (I think there would be a few items that I couldn’t live without. Where do they make toothpaste??) But it is very useful and relevant for me to shop at the farmer’s market or local grocery store. It’s also really useful for me to think about using reclaimed materials in my future career. I know using them is a trend right now because they look cool but now I know what kind of costs I need to weigh when considering them. So, knowing what I know now, I would like to know some technical information about local businesses in Stillwater. I know of a lot of local shops but there are a few that I’m unsure of, so which ones are local and how much of the money spent at corporate stores stays in the community, if any? 

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