Monstrous what?

                This week was a fairly interesting, mainly in reading material but also with some of the information from the LOLA show. The most interesting topic of the week for me was the monstrous hybrid, I had never heard of such a thing nor did it even accrued to me that manufacturers where creating such disasters. The idea of products that cannot even be recycled or easily reused because of how they are made or mixed biological and technical nutrients is very disturbing. And more disturbing is the fact that a majority of these products that are made with these monstrous hybrid were at one time made by biological nutrients that were healthier for the environment.

                So the question is, why? Why do we allow manufacturers create these products, when the health of the environment is key…? More pressing in my opinion is why did we veer away from environmentally and humanly safe processes of creating products to now creating these monstrous hybrids? Can we encourage manufacturers to start making products that aren’t monstrous hybrids?

                In addition to the reading I found four of the products that were discussed in the LOLA show as interesting and inspiring. The most interesting to me was the Looptworks, I never knew how much water is essentially wasted to make just one shirt and then the perfectly good scraps from making that shirt is just wasted. Even more shocking to me is the amount of water that is wasted on leather that is just scraped. I am impressed by a company like Looptworks that attempts to salvage these perfectly good textiles and make unique products.

                 My hope after this week and reading about monstrous hybrids is that there is some way that we can fix this monstrous issue… 

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