simplicity complicated

When I came across the comment in our reading this past week about how Egyptians used the Nile River as a source of their main nutrients and that they gave everything they used back, it may be think about how we are making the simplest things complicated. What I mean by this is that instead of just using the natural resources we have around, we have become a culture that is so focused on processing things or creating things that can’t be given back to the environment, “monstrous hybrids” as they are called. The Puma shoe example that Holly spoke about in class is an example of this. Shoe are something that have been around for decades upon decades, and it is just now that we have discovered that we should make them out of things that can be given back to nature. This seems so logical. Everyone has shoes and it is obviously inevitable that shoes will eventually wear down and we will all need to then buy a new pair. So why has it taken us so long to realize that one of the necessities of the human lifestyle and wardrobe can and should be something that isn’t going to sit and land fills and not be capable of biodegrading? It just seems so logical to me, but here I am admitting that this shoe concept never really crossed my mind. I think this is a realization many of us can relate to. There are probably so many obvious and practical ideas and solutions that can be proposed to help move our society towards the cradle-to-cradle concept.

I think it would be interesting to learn about some things that our society has moved away from that were at one point sustainable, much like the use of the Nile River that was then pushed to the side. In what ways have we used nature’s resources for our livelihood in the past in a sustainable and effective manner and over time, turned it into a wasteful thing?

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