Start to finish

This week’s epiphany was absent as I did not have one, but it was cool to learn from our article that we read earlier this week about how everyday waste can be turned into food for one purpose or another – whether it be for creating a new product or even as nutrients in order for a resource to be created.

One of the interesting things I learned about this week was the difference between Biological and Technical metabolisms through playing a game of Jeopardy in class. To me, this was quite a beneficial experience because it helped me reinforce what I learned earlier in the week for a positive outcome. This week’s reading also helped me find other ideas that I didn’t already know about and can incorporate into my field of Interior Design. By using different forms of waste in various applications, a closed loop can essentially be created from start to finish and nothing be wasted – an ideal plan when our planet is in such peril. I would like to know about more Interior Design products that can successfully do this from start to finish – like the carpet company Corybeth talked about in class.

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