Two sides to every story

This week’s material was interesting to discuss. Natural vs. synthetic seems like such a simple choice. You would think that it is wise to pick natural every time. However, both natural and synthetic have their good and bad points. Natural things, such as cotton, require many hours of human labor and then the cotton has to go through being processed and dyed and what not. Which after all of this has been done to the cotton, it can’t just be bidegraded and put back into nature. Also natural materials aren’t as durable as synthetic. Synthetic materials, however, can’t be used as a nutrient at all but it is stronger. I had never really thought about the downsides to natural products, so it was interesting to read and learn about it from another viewpoint.

The decision between natural and synthetic is relevant to all of us as apparel and interiors students because we will have to make decisions on what materials to use in our careers and make these decisions based on how durable something needs to be, or what color it needs to be dyed, etc. So it is important that we are knowledgable about the subject.

I would like to do more research and learn more about what materials that are used in the interiors world could be replaced by something else and still have textural and aesthetic appeal. Much like the countertops that we learned about in the LOLA show that were made from 75% recycled material. There are ways to replace existing materials and products with more sustainable products and there are many untapped ideas and replacements that we have not yet discovered.

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