Don’t Be a Material Girl Like Madonna

This week we talked about material diversity in class.  As discussed in our article this week, material diversity is using alternative materials to allow more resource efficient and culturally responsive fibers to flourish.  As apparel students we often do not think about this aspect in design.  We usually want to find a more efficient way of making something, versus finding an alternative to that efficient way that takes sustainability into mind.  This idea of finding alternative materials is so important because we are using up so many resources because of our blindness to what the making of these fibers does to our environment.

The alternative that was most appealing to me was the silk alternative, wild silk.  Wild silk appeals to me the most because the process has silk worms emerge naturally versus the usual process of steaming silk worms, killing them in the process, to make them emerge.  Another aspect that was very appealing to me was the fact that it requires no hazardous chemicals, cutting down on the amount of pollution released.

So my question is why are these alternatives not being used more often?  I understand they are more costly, but I feel like someone should be passing laws in order to make these alternatives a must in the apparel industry.

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