Is this the end or only the beginning?

When starting this course, I had no clue what I was getting myself into. I thought we would be learning strictly about how to recycle or the giant hole everyone is talking about in the ozone layer, but I have definitely learned so much more! I have enjoyed this class beyond what I thought I would. Each subject we learned about intrigued me and made me more excited about graduating and able to see what I can contribute to these issues through whatever job I get. This week we talked about using the pros and cons of using different materials. Many people think that if people would just use natural materials for their products it would be better for the environment. Makes sense right? Well this is not always the case. Some times using natural resources is not feasible and will only raise the cost tremendously or hurt the environment worse than a synthetic material. In the articles we read they talked about how when using some natural materials it is actually harsher on the environment because we may use more water in the process, or certain items like wool create a “sludge” that hurts the environment around us. I wouldn’t necessarily say I had an epiphany this week about the topic we read about, but more of an epiphany about this course and sustainability. I learned about so many little things that we could do everyday to help make our environment a little bit better and last a little longer. I’d like to learn more about sustainability so that when I find a job I can contribute to this subject and help to educate others about it. Especially learning last week about how some products are better if made synthetically rather natural, I believe this information is something that more people should know about and be aware of when buying products. As a merchandiser I hope this is something that I can relay to others. I have enjoyed this course very much and I hope to learn more about sustainability and the proper materials to use for products. 

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