What the Heck?

This week’s reading was… well… frustrating.  Do we use this or that? This or that?  Well if you want it to be less expensive then you this method, but if you want to avoid cancer use that method.  In the interiors reading this week, “Sustainable Commercial Interiors” Bonda and Sosnowchik do a great job at explaining what the pros and cons are of various interior products used in the industry.  However, it seems one will always have to prioritize and figure out which product is more suitable for their client.


Although it’s a bummer, the information is very useful.  We have to be aware of the cold hard truth about products as well as the benefits of using said product.  Knowing that almost always there will be a trade off when choosing WHICH product to use, it is and will always be my responsibility as an interior designer to educate my client about the pros and cons, then help them decide which product is uniquely best for their uses.



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