A Dark Horse. I call that karma?

How can we thrive in an environment that is slowly but surely caving? The answer is we cannot unless we educate the children on the playground that we call our planet. In this century we have become so dependent on receiving instant gratification and not looking farther down the road.  Learning to live more simply just as the settlers on Easter Island gives us a great foundation. Although they began to suffer for their own mistakes through out their society, we are able to study their way of life and learn from their mishaps. The Easter Islanders worked through many changes such as poor soil, poor conditions and high competition leading to their downfall. Everything about the Easter Island society is useful and relevant today because as human beings we learn from our mistakes and grow mentally and environmentally 🙂

Some of the biggest apparel issues, or dark horses, leads the world in consumption.  The most important to me, and my life, includes fashion consumption, energy consumed, chemicals effecting the work environment and working conditions. I believe the issue that presents the most urgency is fashion consumption. Every other problem listed in our readings this week has no meaning without the need or wanting to consume. Consuming anything whether that is food, clothing, or services, we are continually reminded that having the best of the best is what “makes us happy”. Can we not be just as happy knowing we are helping the future generations in the same way? I believe we can, and it all starts why being aware of where our consumed products come from along with taking the responsibility of proper disposal.  Working in retail for 6 years now has given me a new light on how much my opinion matters to the customers that come into our store daily. With this power I can use this for good by still feeding revenue into our store, helping our local Stillwater economy, as well as informing our customer with more detailed information on the products they are consuming. Other ideas that I plan to see through includes posting minimal washing tips and offering a place to get rid of your “seen better days” clothing so that they may be disposed of properly. It all starts with one, me.


The biggest epiphany I had this week is the undoubted fact that every human being wears clothing so we are all affected by the trials that face our society. This also leaves us with a responsibility to do something, anything, to help our world sustain its many providing energies and substances. After knowing what I know now, I cannot wait to learn what exactly a sustainable, yet practical life looks like so that I may continue to inspire others to do the same.

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1 Response to A Dark Horse. I call that karma?

  1. Dr. Cosette Armstrong says:

    You’ve done a very nice job of making the course content personal (the most important thing)! Keep this up!

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