Goodbye Chasing Trends

I’ve always had an idea of how unsustainable the fashion industry is, but as a girl that loves to buy and buy I have always wanted to ignore the fact. In the Fashioning Sustainability article, it places a driving force of the unsustainaiblity of the industry behind the fierce competition. There is no doubt in my mind that is the main reason for the excessive use of goods and consumption we all fuel. The article explains how we shop for every single season of the year and feel the need to buy clothes for each occassion. I know personally, I am highly guilty of this exact thing. In a shameful matter, I always feel the need for a new outfit no matter the occasion when I honestly have more than enough suitable options in my closet. Over the course of college, my closet has rapidly expanded due to a high social life and the underlying sense of competition with my peers. As a form of recycling, I have always tried to give my clothes to places that will resale them and give the garments longer life. However, I have never actually thought of having the actual garments them selves sent to be recycled, which is something I would be interested in investigating. I am curious how much my outlook on the clothing industry would work if I tried to harness in my need to compete with always having new outfits and starting to condense my closet. I really would like to challenge myself in buying fewer things, because just looking at my closet is overwhelming and the thought of that much consumption among every American is slightly terrifying. I think this will be a good first step for me to move towards a sustainable outlook at the fashion industry, because it is an attainable goal that has huge repercussions, because as we all try to stop consuming as much all of the other issues will decrease as well. I am going to try to start limiting myself to buy three new clothing items a month, which is really cutting things down for me! My epiphany of the week is that I can buy quality and classic items that will last for years and still keep up with those who are chasing every single trend. 

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1 Response to Goodbye Chasing Trends

  1. Dr. Cosette Armstrong says:

    You have a good start on reflection here, but may not be addressing all three prompts.

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