History In the Making

After separate readings about an array of environments, I’ve had an epiphany regarding that every environmental decision I make has an impact, one way or another, no matter how large or small of a decision it may be. The reading of Easter Island’s story is eye opening and mind blowing all in one. Not only did people once live very productive and happy lives, there was an abundance of resources that was present and thought to be long lasting. It’s ironic to me that the island would be called “Easter” Island knowing what Easter means to me. In my upbringing, the term “Easter” parallels terms such as “arisen” or “alive”. But when mentioning Easter Island, nothing ever arose as strong and vibrant as the (supposedly) first inhabitants. Since the first people group has deceased, only death and dry spells have inhabited Easter Island.


The text mentions the consequences of irreversible damage to the environment being a main reason for loss of life on the island. This becomes useful and relevant to the people of today’s world, no matter their location. People have, and always will, be dependent on their surroundings. No matter our knowledge or technology, we cannot ever become fully independent. This comes back to the environmental decisions we have to make every day and what impact they end up leaving. Irreversible damage can be avoided now that we know the impact of such lifestyles. Economically, I would like to believe we are taking more of a stand for sustainable practices. Awareness is at one of the highest points I have seen in my lifetime but is awareness enough?


Awareness without action is just an empty promise. Seeing a sign reminding you to recycle doesn’t make you recycle. The choice to recycle is up to you, the difference maker. Environmentally healthy design can only be promised if regulations and codes are set in place. That being said, these regulations and codes need to be realistic and manageable. From poor air quality to energy use, the rules need to be adjusted. I do not say this as if I am the perfect example of sustainability. I am far from it! BUT, I would say that the effort is apparent in some of my lifestyle. Knowing what I know now, I would like to learn more about the indoor air quality regulations throughout the world, comparing other countries’ rules with our own, and seeing if those regulations work for the certain countries researched. 

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1 Response to History In the Making

  1. Dr. Cosette Armstrong says:

    This is a solid reflection! Try to be explicit about how points from the readings have contributed to your learning. It is not entirely clear here.

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