Why Change for the Better!

In this day and age, our economy is becoming more conscience to live a lifestyle that can benefit ones self and the environment. And with living the green lifestyle, this has become more of a common trend that we have seen exploited through media, televisions, and other methods of exposure. From personal experience I can vouch from friends and families as well as peers and idols that we try to live this routine of constantly trying to consume or buy products that are “good for us”.  But with this green and organic lifestyle we choose to accomplish, do we really know essentially what is it that we are doing? What is the real reason behind this life choice to change to a green existence? Before, I wanted to be “green” because I found gratification from not only saying that I was able to live this way, but how people perceived me when they assumed that I wanted to live a sustainable life. But the problem was I knew nothing about it. Although I was saying to right things to make myself come off as environmentally friendly, I was only simply sorting through my garbage to recycle plastics from paper or eating food that is considered organic (though some organic food is NOT anymore healthy, let me tell you!).

From Project Runway, the well known sustainable designer Timothy Westbrook and I clearly shared the same idea of what we knew about sustainability; we both had an idea of that was considered eco-friendly to the environment and how we did not want to cause any more harm the Mother Nature but we both may have steered away from the values of what we could have done to live this green lifestyle. Timothy designed garments from recycles materials to reduce the use of new textiles being produced. However by trying to create his own textures with the recycles materials, Timothy covertly did not know how was harming the environment to do so. Although my methods to live this lifestyle are not as extreme, both of us may have overlooked the idea of what is means to be “sustainable” and potentially lost what the true idea of sustainability really meant.

The article titled “Fashioning Sustainability” opened my eyes to give me a better understanding of what sustainability meant not only in a general sense but also with an emphasis in my field of interest. From the statistics shown from this article, the amount of energy, water, and chemicals used to make clothing readdressed the issues that have always been a problem. We may have always know about these issues but it is not a tangible concept to grasp till you have real facts of abuse sitting in front of your eyes. Factories using the most harmful chemicals in the production of cotton in addition to cotton demanding large amounts of water are prime examples of harmful effects the fashion industry has on sustainable living. Its amazing to see that from something that is so important in our lives we as individuals look past on how this industry can affect our environment.

From this past class experience, I have learned an in depth feel how what really happens within the industry. I want to do away with this concept that the industry and production is harmful for the environment. With an emphasis on fashion, I understand that there are harsh if not harmful methods that are practices within the production of garment. However, I believe that this can change. I believe that we have people working on solutions and ideas that can steer us away from the harms of producing clothing. And not just normal clothes that look like a burlap sack, but stunning garments garnished in products that can may be biodegradable, recyclable and so forth. The fashion industry is something that I constantly changing. Innovation is a key player in this business and people are finding more ways to challenge the industry through sustainable knowledge. I hope to learn more way that I can bring this concept to society. Having a strong sense of living a life that is great for you, I want to learn ways to education others of the concept of sustainability. With an emphasis on soft goods, lets take away the harm from this industry and continue to allow it to grow for a “greener” lifestyle.

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  1. Dr. Cosette Armstrong says:

    Your blog is exceptional! You are asking great questions and digging deep to try to find answers. Keep this up!!

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