Shocking Matters

Sustainability is a topic I haven’t shared must interest in. Starting my journey in this class and not having an understanding of sustainability made me question what this course was going to be about and how it was going to apply to my career in fashion. In my past classes sustainability was never an important topic that was addressed.  I didn’t think sustainability was important to me personality or professionally in the fashion industry. I was proven wrong while reading over Fashion Sustainability. In this article there was one certain point that really caught my attention. The production of cotton and what contributes in producing this crop really opened my eyes on how it was sustainable.

-With cotton being the largest fiber in production and the global demand, it proves cotton has a very intensive production. Cotton is a very thirsty crop that requires 10 tons of water to make one pair of jeans. This makes the level of water used being a drastic amount. In my opinion the huge demand for cotton is a problem that needs to be solved. This is too much water that is being used to contribute in producing this crop.

-What would be a good solution for this issue is the big question? The solution would be substitute cotton for other natural materials like hemp. “Hemp is stronger than cotton, more resistant to abrasion, and more resistant to mildew, soiling, and shrinkage and, fading in the sun.” The production of hemp needs little irrigation, significantly less pesticides or other chemicals. In my opinion this would be the best choice to replace cotton. The question would be why not? Hemp doesn’t require as much attention as cotton does and also it’s a better quality fiber. This fiber would not only benefit the consumers who purchase and wear the fiber but it would also benefit the earth. This fiber is more cost efficient compared to cotton. I have experienced shrinkage and fading from the sun in my cotton shirts so having a fiber that is resistant to those factors will be more efficient for the consumer.

– I feel this article over fashion sustainability relates to The Lessons of Easter

Island due to the limited amount of resources they had and how they took advantage of the resources and had nothing else. This defiantly relates to how the water supply used to produce cotton could eventually run out and we would have nothing to survive on. Just like the Easter Island, the people had to leave the island because they over used all of their resources. Finding ways to overcome these issues and find better ways to live so we do not run out of resources will give us a better way of living and not to worry when there will be no more water.

-Knowing how sustainability falls into the field I am highly interested in only makes me want to learn even more about it and ways I can contribute to being sustainable in fashion. Also learning more ways to prevent a crisis from happening with managing resources better is something I would love to learn more about. It’s time to focus on sustainability and learn more ways to apply it.

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1 Response to Shocking Matters

  1. Dr. Cosette Armstrong says:

    This is a solid reflection! Continue to dig deep and remain curious!

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