Baby, it’s HOT outside

…I’ve got to go home – oh, baby you’ll SWEAT out there

Say, lend your FAN- I’ve got to stay COOL out there

The AIR CONDITION has been grand- I get CHILL from drinking an ICE-COLD can

But don’t you see- how can you do this thing to me(mother earth)?

There’s bound to be a TEMPERATEURE CHANGE tomorrow- think of the life long sorrow

At least there will be plenty implied- if you caught a HEAT STROKE and died

I really can’t stay- We’ve caused HEAT each day

Ahh, but it’s HOT outside!

Enough with my singing, but that was just the perfect song to switch the words from being too cold to being hot!!! If you haven’t figured it out from singing my remix of Baby, it’s cold outside, global warming is going to be the change that shocks us all if it hasn’t already!

I am going to honest and say that I always was skeptical of the global warming. Like is this for real?? I kind of just saw it as a stage that the world goes through.  It is just its way of being ‘sick’ if you will.  There has been a form of life on the earth before humans and I strongly believe there is a reason that life form no longer exists. Were they too cruel to the earth? Or did the ice age really knock them dead cold?? Ironic, since we will most likely be knocked out with heat!!

Am I open to the idea and concept behind global warming? Absolutely!  I believe that yes the industrial revolution made an impact on the start of the world effects of slowly destroying our earth. The movie the 11th hour made that very clear, that the Industrial revolution has probably set the earth up for failure.  My problem with global warming is that I think about global warming in this little “united states/Canada bubble”.  I do not tend to think about, what is China and Russia doing to destroy our atmosphere.  That is something that is very clear to me now, I cannot be so closed-minded, and this certainly caught my attention during the movie when I thought about where does a majority of our products come from? Where are they produced? Where are the factories? CHINA!! Almost everything is produced overseas.  If I recall correctly the ocean ‘dead-zone’ is in the Pacific Ocean… HMMMM wonder why??! OOOO, maybe because that’s right off the China coast and hmmm all the waste goes into the ocean, just a thought!

I really had myself thinking after my nap, because class is so early! I woke up wondering if we take the idea of the article by Tom Lombardo and think ahead about our future actions, would this slightly affect the outcome of the world’s environment?  But I also struggle with the idea of, are we just too late to even have a future consciousness about sustainability??  Even the idea of what if the world has more pessimists and not enough optimism people?  Are we all just negative thinkers and we can’t see the bright side of the future.  According to Lombardo “the future is the only reality that we can actually do anything about.” He continues to explain that the past can not be changed but we can learn from it.  So, is it back to the past for the sake of the future? I believe we have the knowledge and wisdom to make ourselves see the change, its just a matter of doing so!

As Lombardo explains “Wisdom is the capacity to apply general knowledge gained in the past to challenging the novel problems and situations. Wisdom can also be described as being able to grasp the big picture of reality and use this knowledge for the betterment of life.” Wisdom is the key to the future. We must take what we learned from our past ancestors and better ourselves.  If not, future consciousness could back fire on us and cause us to see the meaning/ purpose of life as the earth moves towards disaster. I know that’s a little extreme but isn’t extreme the way we need to be thinking? There has to be some drastic change! Has to be!! Humans are not 100% idiotic, we have an understanding of failure, but are we dumb enough to just watch it melt us away.  I literally mean MELT! We are too hot as a climate.  We need to challenge the beliefs of the future! I need to know if in 10 years if I will be wearing a suit made from misting fans!! I’m serious! Will the whole world just be a giant building to keep us from enduring the heat from the sun? Will we create a bubble and live inside that?

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1 Response to Baby, it’s HOT outside

  1. Dr. Cosette Armstrong says:

    This is a great reflection! You are really mulling this over and tossing ideas around. But, I am not seeing the integration of points from the reading? Feel free to revise before the deadline:)

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