Puzzling Future

The problems we are facing today are not new issues. I would agree that they have become more apparent since the Industrial Revolution. The rate at which we are consuming resources is getting out of hand and is slowly killing our atmosphere. Right now, we do not have a widely enough accepted alternative to these fossil fuels to eliminate the off gases these products are producing! My family owns mineral rights and land with oil, so I can see both sides. Yes, it is beneficial to us, helping provide a living, but also it makes me think on a personal level what in the world are we doing to our environment? The movie 11 hours stated “we are working against nature, not with it”, and I could not agree more!

We are simply exhausting all the resources we know that we have! This is THE problem. Where does it stop? When do we realize and CARE about what we are doing? I’ve never thought about sustainability and how it will alter my life personally until this course. I often wonder if it is too late.. My personal opinion is everything has to start somewhere. If we don’t, who will? We MUST begin and set an example for those to follow. We may not be able to reverse the effects but I firmly believe we can slow them down. And this is where the reading from Lombardo comes into play. Future consciousness. I was not aware of this term before reading this article and it was very eye opening. This concept must be taken into consideration. Through this, I’ve realized I do have my set ways, like many, and sometimes it proves hard to deviate from my original ideas. To me, the reading was big on having control over your own destiny. IF WE DON’T CHANGE THINGS, WHO WILL? We might not have the best ways to change the effects on our environment but we need to start brainstorming. The first step needs to be awareness. Many argue that we are educated but just don’t care. Through raising awareness we must make it personal, something that really hits close to home. I’ve talked to people this week about the issues and several have mentioned they just aren’t willing to give up their lifestyle. The damage to them is already done and they aren’t changing!

Our self-narrative and wisdom definitely play a role in our future consciousness. Our attitude towards life will either help or hurt us on this sustainable journey. We must believe in our abilities to make a change. Being optimistic will help us feel more confident and comfortable thinking outside of the box, in a more sustainable way and taking risks. It is our job as designers and merchandisers to have a goal and help make a change for future generations, to make it personal, for our great- grandchildren. I believe we can all improve our future consciousness. Personally, I should work on becoming more adaptable and open-minded, to improve my imagination and creativity and to learn to better tolerate and appreciate uncertainties and adventures of life.

We know many people are stuck on auto-pilot; they aren’t considering many changes, if any. We won’t be able to get everyone on board, but we must make attempts. This will be a slow process. We know that getting the government and corporations on the same page will be difficult. Overall, there needs to be better leadership and policies and more awareness.

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  1. Dr. Cosette Armstrong says:

    This is a such an improvement over last week. Way to go! You are thinking about these things and making it personal, developing your own opinion and using what you’re learning to support that. Keep this up! Be more explicit about the points from the reading versus what you have gleaned during class interaction… but, other than that, you are on your way!

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