The Smart Bird Gets The Worm

Getting on the optimistic train early will lead you to many positives throughout your entire life. Being realistic with a healthy balance of optimism makes you try harder also leading you to better health and lessens anxiety. With such a mindset, everything stems from the aura you have about you and what you put off towards others. We write our self-narratives alone by connecting the past, present and future. In my field (apparel), working retail connects you with multiple people daily, all on different paths of life. Not only different ages, but different people with different thoughts on life, different goals let alone their motives for purchasing in the retail store where I work that specific day.  I like being in contact with those “winners” who acknowledge the negative as well as the positives. These types of people generate good mental health and make coming to work pleasant.

I never know what kind of day people are having whenever they enter the store but by being an optimist I plan to pass along more good mental health as well as my knowledge of the field. With this opportunity to be in contact with so many people throughout one day I am hoping to create more future oriented and invested consumers. We all know fashion goods tend to be a quick fixed purchase, then off to the next. Why not purchase products that will last you longer than one or two events or seasons? Just by presenting this idea in one aspect of someone’s life I hope to be a positive/optimistic influence in other future conscious decisions outside of the retail store. You never know whom that one smile or one good idea will affect. This concludes my epiphany for the week.

Knowing what I know now I would love to know more about the iceberg theory. This shows the congruence of a paradigm and a self-narrative. But I want to look farther into the intricacy of the structure of a life and what is visible to those around you and what is not. This is very interesting to me and I cannot wait to learn more. Until next week everyone!

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1 Response to The Smart Bird Gets The Worm

  1. Dr. Cosette Armstrong says:

    This is a nice summary of your learning from last week. It is not, however, a critical reflection about what was learned, what was useful and relevant (or not), and does not include incorporation of arguments made in the reading to support the reflection. You’re playing it a little safe here:) Remember, this is about stepping back from what you learned and saying, “What was worth something and what wasn’t? Why do I feel that way? What were points made from the reading that really spoke to me?”

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