Simplifying The PROBElematic Package

Growing up, I caused a lot of problems for my parents. It’s not that I was a bad kid, but I was ornery, full of energy, and what you would call a “busy body”. Sometimes my parents just couldn’t keep up with my energy, causing my parents to take turns playing outside with me or taking me to all my activities. I required a slew of people to take care of me, as I had a crazy amount of activities, but was still a child. I remember my mom mentioning to my dad “where did she get all of this energy, I can’t keep this up forever!” and I laughed in my head at the time. Nowadays, I understand where my mom is coming from. I don’t have kids, but I have much less energy as I did as a child, but with just as many, if not more, activities.

This is why the idea of probes – studying experiences for a further understanding of the needed design change – should not be an idea taken to the future if the process remains the same. Now, I know what you’re thinking, but just hear me out. With people becoming busier and busier these days, taking their kids to more events (even than my mom did for me!), being more involved in the community themselves, along with having that cellular device to keep them even busier, the world today does not have time for probes.

As we did our event, I enjoyed it about the first 3 hours. Then I felt frustrated with myself because I kept forgetting photos or I realized how monotonous and boring my life really is. I will admit, my life is rather slow this semester as I am only in 9 hours, but with that being said, lets think about the normal adult on a daily basis. This is where the relevance came into play for me; if I’m not busy and forgot to take pictures, how can people who are much busier than me remember? Job, kids, carpooling kids, making dinner, fixing lunch for the next day, and don’t forget the commute. If a client has enough money to hire a designer, the client probably has a job. This means in order for a design probe package to be truly representative of the future client, the package would need to be used to its full potential. The harsh reality is that a probe package is not idealistic or realistic for most potential clients.

With this being said, self-documentation can be done efficiently. The usefulness of this reading and activity assisted me in figuring out how the probe package can be modified for the better. Most countries other than the United States work less, therefore having more time and probably less stress. These people could probably handle a probes package with ease. My epiphany is somewhat bizarre, but realistic in my opinion; if the probes package became something as high tech as Google Glass, I think probe packages could be truly impactful and helpful to the design world. Something similar to Google Glass would be highly efficient and effective to interpreting the needs and wants of the client without the client having to think too much about the activity or remembering to document the time. This kind of probe package would only need the glasses to be on the face, not having to think about much else. Whereas, the probe packages similar to the one I use require multiple item in order to document correctly. This idea may sound far-fetched to some, but the technology is there to be helpful, effective, and even fun. Lets turn the idea of a “probelematic package” into a “practical package”. Knowing what I know now, I would like to see more high-tech options on how a probe package can but put together and how they can be altered depending on the person’s lifestyle.


Let’s check out the Google Glass for a little inspiration:

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1 Response to Simplifying The PROBElematic Package

  1. Dr. Cosette Armstrong says:

    This is a solid reflection and I really like your idea about design probes! This blog, however, is missing the incorporation of points from the reading, which weakens the critical reflection and does not meet The assignment expectations.

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