The Ugly Truth

How honest do you really think you are? This current week of course work dealt with the tedious task of documenting 48 hours that we choose onto what is called a Probe Package. One of the readings correlated with this idea of a Probe Package.  In those 48 hours I rushed around doing my usual day-to-day activities but adding in some “journaling” and photography in the mix. The idea of documenting every aspect of my day for research caused me to begin to think a little more thoroughly about what my day entails. I agree with the reading about Design Probes where it talks about the diary making it easier for people to discover issues in their life and write it down. If this assignment were to have been something that was verbally presented I would not have paid attention to some of the not so glamorous aspects of my day-to-day life. The stickers with words and the added pictures did tend to make it easier for me to be honest with emotions, just like the reading discussed. The polar study in the reading shows them using imagery to discuss emotions and expressions and how much easier it was to get honest answers out of people.

The research that these Probe Packages can provide to me seems to be somewhat of a false front. The information that we as subjects provide is skewed in the process because we know someone else is paying a little bit more attention than normal. When it comes down to it, I believe that any kind of research done for apparel design or interior design needs to be from the view point of an outsider. Whether this person is putting themselves in someone else’s shoes and acting on behalf of that person to see what they truly go through in a day, or whether they are observing the person anonymously depends on the person that is being researched.

Research can be a significant beneficiary to any field of study I believe. The problem that I can’t get past is the time we spend doing it and the inaccurate results we get back from it. Obviously I may be 1 out of probably 100 people that feels this way about research but when it comes to studies such as a Probe Package I find them taking up valuable time that can be used for something else rather than something that can maybe give us part of the information we need. I am not entirely against all research methods, however, I am a large skeptic when it comes to methods similar to a Probe Package.

In the class discussion groups were given a probe package and they were to create a product for the person that they had been given without knowing who the person was. The group that was given my package designed me a re-wearable pair of workout leggings for my obsession with wearing leggings. The reading by Niinimaki talked about clothing being designed for throwing away compared to being designed for durability, which they are not. This idea is something that my classmates attempted to solve for me. By giving me an item of clothing designed for durability instead. Just like in the reading, my classmates chose to redesign an old item and revamp its look and structure so that it better fit the eco friendly world we are working to create.

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