“Ugh! I ate all my food and I forgot to take a picture of it!”

This week was about design probes in relation to empathic design.  Filling out the design probes package was a little fun but it was hard to constantly remember to document my day.  I knew before getting my food that I needed to take a picture of it but I guess once it got in front of me I just couldn’t resist long enough to remember!  I guess if I was one of those that posted my food on Instagram a lot I would have been a little better at this.  The design probes did point out some interesting things to me though.  I never realized how much time I spend in front of the computer!  To be honest I wasn’t exactly sure how the package was going to help in the design process but when we took the information from the package and used it to create a space it all came together for me.  You really could understand what a girl was like through her daily activities!  We were easily able to access what her needs were and I think that was an important thing for me to learn.  There can be more ways to gather information about a client than just asking them what they want.  Like I said last week, clients don’t always know what they want so tools like this can be very helpful.  I want to learn how we can go further with these methods and relate them back to sustainability easily.  I feel like our group thought of the space and then remembered to relate it to sustainability.  Is there a method that would make our minds think of that first?

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