In Pulse Buys

This week I realized how important human needs are and how they affect my shopping habits. From the reading this week, “Design for Change” by Fletcher was about how people’s desire to purchase products is based on what is being sold and advertised in the market right now. This influences me because I am always going out and buying things that I don’t necessarily need but just want at the moment in time. This reading made me stop and actually think of the last time I bought something because of a need for that certain product and I honestly could not remember. I am an in pulse buyer by nature because the items are right there in my line of sight and the product is not something I needed to get. I realized that I had to stop being an in pulse buyer and really think of the desire for that product and if I could live with our without it? That was going to be the next question I ask myself when I try and in pulse buy again.

In the reading Fletcher talked about the Max Neef Taxonomy of human needs. This chart identifies nine fundamental human needs and satisfiers. The fundamental human needs are based on being, having, doing and interacting. These four basic needs then fall under sub categories and the chart can break down why you purchased that particular item and what experiences went along with the purchase.

I also enjoyed the L.O.L.A show this week with groups 1 & 2 doing a fabulous job. I enjoyed all of the companies and products that were brought to class to show us how our industry is taking design empathy into affect. One of my favorite segments of the show was Cuyana, the apparel company and how the design team of two go out and travel the world to source the materials that they will be using for their products. I found this to be really neat that they take the time to put a story with their garment to make it feel more special to the person that will be purchasing it in the future. This makes the customer feel more emotional attached to that particular garment verses another one.

My epiphany this week is that instead of buying in pulse buys I need to focus more on purchases that have deeper meaning and thought put into it. I am going to start consuming products that are connected to me on a deeper level than just purchasing products because it is a good idea or thought.

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2 Responses to In Pulse Buys

  1. Dr. Cosette Armstrong says:

    How as the Max Neef Taxonomy useful or relevant to you? How can you see yourself using it? Don’t stop at description… tell me what you think about it. Do you mean impulse?

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