Shopping with a Purpose

As Fletcher states in our reading from this week, what people desire is greatly influenced by what is being sold in the market. You can also tell a lot about an industry when you understand the needs and motivations of the people within a certain industry. Our reading also discusses how fashion can satisfy more than just the human needs of protection and giving someone an identity, but it can also help people participate in helping out a cause. We can see this from some of the companies discussed in class during The L.O.L.A. Show. The company Cuyana is trying to help the environment through trying to become a sustainable company. They try and create an emotional attachment to their products for their consumers, with the hope that this emotional attachment will lead people into keeping their clothes longer and not getting rid of them as quickly as they normally would, thus becoming more sustainable. Another way a company is trying to meet more than just the needs of consumers, but also trying to give back and make the world a better place can be seen in the company, I Miss You. This company encourages giving back; they do so by requiring employees to do community service hours and by providing discounts to customers if they do a certain amount of community service hours. They are trying to sell a sense of community, not just a product. If more apparel companies were to focus on more than just the basic needs of their consumers and focus on how they could make an impact, they might just be able to help the world become a better, more sustainable one.

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