Wait… You Want Me to Live in WHAT?!

If you looked into my life, would be lying if I said that I am not a shallow person; and I may not be the only person who acts this way. Think about it, though. I surround myself where material things are the importance of how I am accepted. I always worry about what brands I own whether that be with clothing, a car, a phone, and other insignificant items that I have grown a personal attachment to. I am always worrying about material items that I have or do not have more so than I think about food, water, and sleep (and I have NOT gotten a good night’s rest in God knows how long…)

Lets take a moment to look into my future. When I grow up I have always wanted a nice, big, overly flashy house filled furniture and house décor garnished in velvet and rainbows. If you can’t get a good perception, please take a look at my Pinterest boards. That will paint you an extravagant picture of what I am talking about. Whoa whoa, I am getting ahead of myself. It’s always a dream to have a nice house; it’s a great dream if not a goal to strive for. But this week, during the L.O.L.A. Show, a classmate presented the store of “Tiny Homes”. These are houses that are built less than 200 square feet with the purpose of providing a sustainable way of living. It really caught my attention because it didn’t seem realistic for people to live in such a small area of space; yet they achieved it. And in the process, these residents were able to incorporate sustainable practices in these homes in such a non-tedious, easy approach. Usually, sustainable practices take a lot of thought, people remembering to either recycle, by organic foods, clothing and so forth. But building a house and incorporating environmental friendly objects allows these residents to participate in green living without even a thought.

My epiphany this week was to look at these tiny homes as an option to live a sustainable life without so much of the work. Lets be real, I probably could not live in a house less than 200 square feet but I could downsize my options form extravagant to cozy. Living in a smaller space can potentially lead to less waste or energy and materials. It allows for intimate spaces that are well enough able to make a home feasible for more than one person. This is something that I will greatly consider for the future. 

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1 Response to Wait… You Want Me to Live in WHAT?!

  1. Dr. Cosette Armstrong says:

    This is a solid reflection compromised by the absence of points from the assigned reading this week.

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