Enough is Enough

This week’s reading was about needs.  There was a quote from Wendel Berry stating that “You never know what is enough, until you know what is more than enough.” This sentence struck me again during the LOLA show when group 1 was talking about tiny homes.  I lived in an RV for a summer so I know what it is like to live in such a confined space.  I had very little room for things so I could only have what I absolutely needed.  It wasn’t until after that that I realized most things that I have I don’t even use because I didn’t even realize I didn’t have them.  I think that is the most important thing we are all realizing.  We have so much stuff!  But with consumer driven markets how do we keep possessing so much stuff when we want it all!

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1 Response to Enough is Enough

  1. Dr. Cosette Armstrong says:

    Enough may be enough… but this is not enough in terms of the expectation for this assignment:) Please allow yourself more time for genuine reflection.

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