Churches & Parachutes

“Activism is a broad church” stated by Faud-Luke is a brilliant definition for our social responsibility if we chose a path of entrepreneurship. A social entrepreneur is to become aware of the power of transformation. To be active in this field it is exactly like a church. A church is comprised of all kinds of individuals, individuals with many different ways of being active such as doers and followers. The leaders of the church inspire others to be active while the followers of the church can still be active and do good for those around them yet they are in the low-light.  The Who Cares video we watched this week gave me a wonderful encouragement that I had been lacking thus far. Sometimes we get so caught up in our own lives that we forget about the others in this world that are yearning for creativity (in retrospect).

The new heroes game that I played this week included these “parachute” ideas that the movie spoke of. The game gave you options of the direction you could take just like real life. Everyone is different and can pursue their business plan in whichever way they decide just like in a “church” you can practice your faith and involvement in anyway you decide. I think one of the most difficult choices I had to make during the game was the “what’s next” step. After you have had the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life, where do you go from there? If you were completely selfish during the entire process, your next step would probably be your last active duty, to relax with your success and that would be the end of the road. This in no way shape or form is the ideals of a social entrepreneur. As stated in the video, a social entrepreneur is getting people involved and getting them to coexist together!

This week, with entrepreneurship on my mind, I saw a commercial that perfectly encompasses the idea of reaching others, not for your own benefit but for the betterment of others. In this commercial, the arts and creativity is able to be in the hands of those who are in need and without (New York City). Not only are there children lacking food, love and shelter in this world but we often forget that without the opportunity to express yourself, our dreams can easily be lost. This opportunity for young children is in hopes of creating “activists” and future entrepreneurs.

The biggest epiphany I had this week was that being a leader, activist, or entrepreneur couldn’t be done alone. It involves seeking out others with your same passion for the world and even the community in which you are standing in right at this very moment. Just like in the video, you may not be able to get someone to get off their butt and do something but it is at least getting people to believe in something again, pursue a meaning, even through film, just like the one we watched this week!

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  1. Dr. Cosette Armstrong says:

    The incorporation of readings here does not adequately support the reflection that is occurring. Both could be enhanced by using the readings, class activities, etc. to support your major leaps in learning, and more importantly, your critical reflection of what was learned.

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